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Fullord Breaks the Boundaries Again with a Revolutionary Jewel: Discover MASAI

  • DATE: 11-01-2022
  • VENUE: oman

MASAI casts the strength and power of the traditional Masai spear into gold and diamonds, transcending time and space to immortalize a childhood memory that will therefore never fade.

Inspired by the traditional MASAI spear, this bracelet encapsulate forever a childhood memory of Sandrine Thibaud, CEO and Creative Director: “I was born and raised in Africa and was used to living around the MASAI in my village. I remember being fascinated by their strength, their agility and by the fluidity of their movements. That is what I wanted to recreate in the jewel, by juxtaposing a smooth polished gold surface with the roughness of a sharp pointy tip.

Thanks to a revolutionary patented mechanism the MASAI bracelet allows you to change its tip as you wish, giving the possibility to create an infinity of different styles and to combine multiple bracelets together.
As per the codes of the house, Fullord always focuses on creativity and on encouraging customers to play and experiment with their Fullord pieces. “I believe jewellery is that personal signature to your look, I want my customer to be emotionally attached to their jewellery, live with it and make it their own” (S. Thibaud)

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