Festivals of Oman

Muscat Festival

Dubbed Oman’s biggest historical and cultural occasion, the Muscat Festival is the Sultanate’s exhibition of local and international art, culture, handicrafts, multilingual activities, and food. The festival has a special flavour – a mixture of old and new, history and progression – from folk poetry and dance evenings, to lectures on solar energy, food celebrations, and fashion shows. Some 1.5 million people from the region visit the month-long event, which is held at two locations in Muscat: the Naseem Garden and Amerat Park. Further details and route maps can be found on www.muscat-festival.com.

Khareef Festival

The Governorate of Dhofar is famed for holding the Salalah Tourism Festival during the Khareef Season which brings to life the Sultanate’s rich biodiversity, fresh water springs and waterfalls shrouded by lush greenery and white mists from hills and plains alike. Popularly known as the Khareef Festival, the event takes place in Salalah annually, from mid-July to the end of August. From traditional folk music, dances, cultural events, poetry, art shows, and local Omani cuisine, the festival is truly an affair to remember. For more information, visit www.omantourism.gov.om or www.salalahtourismfestival.com.

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