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Haircare for 2022 with Vatika!

  • DATE: 11-01-2022
  • VENUE: oman

2022 has come. Celebrations have ended for Christmas and New Year’s. With all that going around, many women have been exposed to a lot of styling and chemical treatments causing damage to the hair and giving it dryness. 

Vatika Hammam Zait is a natural treatment that can be used to revitalise and renew your hair. Garlic, Argan, and Black seed are the 3 ingredients that will help in giving complete protection, moisture, softness, and promote natural hair growth.  


Instruction of using: 

•    After shampooing, apply Hammam Zait on your hair and gently massage roots to tips
•    Wrap a hot towel on your hair and keep for 15 minutes
•    Rinse your hair with water 


To get beautiful hair! 

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