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Practice Yoga At Home With Six Senses

  • DATE: 27-06-2020
  • VENUE: oman

The past few months have been challenging not only emotionally and mentally but also physically, with work-from-home schedules, movement restrictions and erratic sleep cycles. Yoga can help us de-stress and gain that balance and harmony that we might be missing in our daily lives.

Six Senses Global Head of Yoga, Dorelal Singh, has suggested six simple yoga poses (asanas) for the body, to remove energy blockages from the muscles and improve circulation, flexibility, strength, muscle form and tone. These asanas reduce back and joint pains, arthritis, migraines and muscle soreness, stabilize breath and improve lung capacity. The first three standing stretches are ideal to perform in the morning (try 10 of each) after having a glass of lukewarm water with half a teaspoon of lime juice and two pinches of sea salt.

1Tadasana (the palm tree pose) involves stretching or traction during which the entire body is pulled upwards and each joint is expanded from toes right to the tip of your hands. Repeat five times.

2. Tiryaka tadasana (the swaying palm tree pose) - this lateral stretch stimulates the lesser used muscles of the body by stretching the side muscles. There is a complete stretch from the legs right up to the arms. Repeat five times.

3. Surya Namaskara (salute to the sun) - This movement combines forward and backward movements. Repeat three times (five breaths in each round).

4. Cobra pose - This stretches the chest while strengthening the spine and shoulders. It is an energizing backbend that reduces stress and fatigue. Repeat three times (five breaths in each round).

5. Half spinal twist - Increases your spinal flexibility and range of motion. It also stretches the muscles on one side of the body whilst compressing the muscles on the other side. Repeat two times (five breaths in each round).

6. Sirshasana -  A practice that involves inversion of the body. For beginners, the headstand can be too advanced so they should start with a shoulder or half shoulder stand. Stay for two minutes or up to 20 breaths.

After this, relax in a lying pose for five minutes and be aware of your natural breath.

You can also involve your little ones and practice yoga with them;

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