Sri Lanka Rugby appoints Hamza as their Official Overseas Representative of the Sultanate

  • Venue: Hamza Hidayathullah
  • Date: 08-11-2018

Muscat – Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) has recently selected Muscat based Hamza
Hidayathullah as Official Overseas Representative for the Sultanate of Oman for a
period of two years. SLR is the official governing body of rugby in Sri Lanka and has
been in existence for over 100 years. The appointment of Hamza was made official
through an appointment letter from the SLR Council hoping to create new opportunities
for Rugby.

Hamza is a professional Marketer and during the day he is an Event Head with Tiara
Events and over 2 decades of working experience in the above fields. However Rugby
has always remained a passion right from childhood days in Sri Lanka. Back home he
represented the OLD BENS RFC in 1996 and PETERSONS RFC in the 2003 CALTEX
Club Rugby league tournament. He also represented played for his former company
Lanka Bell in the annual inter corporate Mercantile Rugby 7s in 2003. While studying
abroad continued to play both Rugby and Basketball in the UK as well.

His love for the game caused him to move on to become a World Rugby Level 1
Qualified Rugby Referee and a Coach. He was an active Rugby Referee for the Sri
Lanka Rugby Referees Society from 2008 to 2012.

In 2012, work brought him to Oman, but Hamza continued to carve out time from his
schedule to stay in touch with the game. He was a volunteer coach at Muscat Junior
Rugby Club for a couple of years and a Rugby referee with the UAE Rugby Referees
Society for 4 years refereeing the regional Gulf tournaments in the UAE, Baharain and
Doha. He currently represents the PDO Pirates Rugby team and toured with them to
Dubai Sevens in 2015. He also has been appointed to referee all home games for
Muscat Rugby Club this season in the Gulf Conference League competition.

“It is an honour to be selected by the SLR and to be their Rugby representative right
here in Oman,” said Hamza. I look forward to the support of all Rugby enthusiasts in the
country and also to working together with the Oman’s Muscat Rugby Football Club
where possible to achieve new heights”, he added.

With such a strong background and love for the game, it is certain that SLR has made
the right selection of it’s most dedicated Rugby native in Oman.