Savour Khareef Season at Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara

  • Venue: Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara
  • Date: 01-07-2018

Looking to escape this summer? Make like visitors from around the world and head to Southern Dhofar for Khareef. A colloquial term meaning ‘autumn’ in Arabic, the rainy season comes to Salalah from June to September – bringing with it a beautiful blanket of green across the region. To experience this breathtaking weather pattern to the fullest, book a staycation filled with stunning scenery and intrepid experiences at Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara. Offering award-winning hospitality, five-star pool villas and luxury surroundings, its’ secluded beachside location is the perfect antidote to the smog and humidity of the many of the GCC’s cities during summer.

Khareef Season in Salalah happens when the coastal fringe of Dhofar experiences a run-in with the Indian Ocean’s monsoon season. Periodic showers turn the once beige coastal plains and mountains into a tropical paradise of emerald green. Led by the resort’s Salalah Guru, nature enthusiasts can venture into the verdant mountains and watch the region come alive with wildlife such as ibex, gazelles and hyena, and vast flocks of flamingos, herons and egrets. Even camels, usually spotted near the sea, can be found lazing in Salalah’s mountains – making the most of the cooler change in climate.

To experience Khareef to the full, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara offer a range of activities including wadi bashing, hiking and 4x4 expeditions to discover ancient villages and encounter nomadic tribes people. All day excursions can be accompanied by a bespoke gourmet picnic, with a ‘make your own’ menu prepared by the talented chefs in the kitchen, allowing guests the chance to dine in some of Salalah’s most spectacular spots. Proceed towards the east and encounter the fishing village of Taqqah, an old town with an historical castle surrounded by watchtowers and stone houses. From there, guests can continue inwards to Khori Rori creek, the site of the ruined city of Samhuram, and capital of the ancient Arabian frankincense trade. Guests shouldn’t miss Wadi Darbat Natural Park, complete with majestic views of waterfalls, lakes, mountain, caves and lush green vegetation. The region also becomes a frankincense fragrant paradise just in time for the city’s annual Khareef Festival, which involves six weeks of concerts, traditional performances and cultural displays.

Back at the resort, guests can refuel at Al Mina, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara’s alfresco restaurant set by the shoreline. During Khareef Season it will be transformed into an atmospheric Arabian restaurant with live music, Arabic dishes and shisha.

Room rates start from 190 OMR for a Premium Sea View Room. Guests can book the picnic experience from 12 OMR, which includes sandwiches, fruit, pastries and soft drinks, or they can create their own picnic hamper choosing from a variety of Arabic and international dishes.

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