Sabt Village at Al Kamil Wal Wafi

  • Venue: Al Kamil Wal Wafi
  • Date: 08-04-2017

The Wilayat of Al Kamil Wal Wafi in the Governorate of South A'Sharqiyah is one of the wilayats with many different tourist sites. It has beautiful sandy hills and golden dunes that surround it by the west, plains and nature reserves, most notably Al Saleel and Hasina Reserves, a series of high mountains surround it from the north and east, as well as the large and beautiful water pools in the villages of Seeq, Sabt and Tahwa.

Of the tourist villages located in the wilaya is the village of Sabt, which is located about 40 km away from the centre of the Wilaya. It is linked to the wilaya by a paved road. The village enjoys a geographical diversity where one can find mountains that surround the village of all directions, and on the other hand you find the running valleys, the water pools and the shades that are formed by Sidr and Ghaf trees scattered along the valley.

There are oasis of palm trees along the village in a beautiful harmony between palm trees, valleys and mountainous rock formations. There are many tourist places in the village of Sabt because of its climate and nature. A natural tourist site known as the Al Manah Park is situated at the top of the village.

The village has a main Falaj, which is crowded with visitors, especially on weekends, rainy seasons, flooding of valleys and the formation of small waterfalls. The village also has a beautiful place known as Al Manzaf. It is located between the villages of Seeq and Sabt. It enjoys privacy and independence where the mountains form a beautiful barrier that gives the place privacy and independence for beautiful times.

It has become one of the most popular places for families as there are many palm trees that make beautiful oasis where visitors enjoy the shade, along with a view of the valley, which is often flooded. Other wonderful places in the village of Sabt is the Marrakha Park; a wonderful park frequently visited by citizens and residents on the weekend and is located at the beginning of the village, not far from the public street leading to Muscat. It is a popular park for young people who like to enjoy swimming on its many water pools.

The village of Sabt contains Wadis of Mazra' and Al Siyaq, which are frequently visited by tourists. Abdullah bin Musallam al-Rasbi, member of Majlis A'Shura told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the beautiful intermingling between the elements of nature: the mountains, plains, valleys and trees has become an attractive attraction for the beautiful village of Sabt that attracts tourists and visitors on occasions and vacations from all over.

He added that Sabt village has all the tourist components to attract tourists as it owns a wealth of palm trees, especially "Al Barni," which is in high demand in the local market for its tasty dates. He pointed out that the Government, represented by the Ministry of Tourism, is working to implement all the needs of tourists, urging citizens, residents and tourists to pay attention to this beautiful place.