Pizza Hut turns 60 and celebrates the milestone with exciting new offerings!

  • Venue: Pizza Hut
  • Date: 11-10-2018

For the last six decades, Pizza Hut has been creating exciting and innovative combinations that have made it one of the most popular brands across the world. To celebrate the brand’s 60th birthday, Pizza Hut Oman has introduced a host of new offerings and deals along with distinctive packaging and menu to mark the occasion.
Five new pizzas will be jostling for consumers’ attention – Ultimate Cheese, Spicy Chicken Ranch, Meaty BBQ, Tandoori Paneer and Tandoori Chicken. If this is not tempting enough by itself, avail of the ‘Buy One Large Pizza and Get a Medium and Small Pizza Free’ on takeaway order, to try out the different flavours. Complete the indulgence with the new dessert, aptly titled Choco Mania, which has molten chocolate wrapped in the dough, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.
Pizza Hut is a popular place for young adults who love to hang out and do things together, yet have strong individual choices. It is equally favoured by families with children who desire a comfortable, family-oriented environment for dine-in pizza as well as those who want to stay in the comforts of their home and order a take-out or delivery service. Frequent special offers and deals have also proven to be extremely effective to attract customers as it proves to be value for money for a large get-together.
“As the customers’ demands have evolved to cater to increasingly busy lifestyles, Pizza Hut has been constant in keeping focus on fresh food, good service and great deals. This has been the hallmark of Pizza Hut and has ensured it a steady spot in the fast-casual dining segment over the years,” states Sachin Malhotra, COO, Khimji Ramdas Lifestyle Group.
“From stuffed crust to a variety of toppings, our menu and offers have ensured there is something new to look forward to every few months. Pizza Hut has always believed in being customer-centric and its 60 anniversary celebrations reiterates that,” added Yogesh Shah, General Manager, Khimji Restaurant Division.
Famous for its delicious, crunchy deep pan base and mouth-watering combination of fresh vegetables and tasty meats, Pizza Hut has ensured only the best and freshest ingredients go into the making of its pizzas. The discerning customers have kept coming back for more that has ensured the brand growing from strength to strength. In the Middle East region, Pizza Hut is the undisputed leader in its category and over twice the size of its nearest pizza competitor.
The new offerings will be valid until 15 November 2018 across all Pizza hut outlets in Oman. To place an order online, log on to or call 24822500. To know more about the latest updates and interesting promotions, visit Pizza Hut Oman’s Facebook page