Ministry of Tourism & Red Bull organizes” Red Bull Titan of the Hill” in Wakan village for mountain bikers in the region

  • Venue: Muscat
  • Date: 12-04-2017

The Ministry of Tourism is organizing a competitive sports platform for mountain bikers in the region in collaboration with the international Red Bull called “Red Bull Titan of the Hill”, which will take place in Wakan village, Willayat of Nakhal, on the 14th of April 2017 . This mountain biking soft downhill & enduro event gathers a number of semi-professionals in a time-trial format from Oman and the GCC countries. The participants will embark on an adventurous challenge ride through the stairs of village in an intertwined route, which is 1 km long. The participants will acquire specialized bikes used for this type of sports.

The event marks the first cooperation of its kind between the Ministry of Tourism and Red Bull in Wakan village, as more than 200 racers are expected to participate. Registration is open through Red Bull’s website:

In collaboration with the specialized entities, arrangements have been made to take competitors to the starting point at the top of the stairs in the village, as well as ensuring that all security and safety procedures are in place.

Also to ensure that participants, observers and visitors are experiencing a special event, the organizers of the event have provided a site for camping, which will be open on Thursday before the launch of the event. Omani traditional activities like folklore and handcrafts showcasing will be associated with the challenge on Friday.

The local community in the village has shown a great cooperation and it has welcome to host and organize such tourism event, in which the sustainability of the tourist destinations, the preservation of its components, and the added values are maintained. The event’s organizers and people in Wakan village have joined the efforts to ensure the success of the event as it has received a large group of volunteers from youths in the village.

The Ministry of Tourism, represented by the General Directorate of Tourism Promotion and Tourism Administration in Al Batinah South Governorate seeks to benefit from organizing this kind of leisure and sports event. This will happen by promoting the unique location of Wakan village, as well as its tourism elements, landscapes and beautiful weather throughout the year. Additionally, it has equipped corridors and motels available, which the Ministry of Tourism carried out through the project of developing the village. These facilities will promote the village as an appropriate tourism site which is worth a visit any time during the year.

Wakan Village

The village is located in the highest mountainous area in Wadi Mistal in the Wilayat Nakhal, which is in Al Batinah South Governorate. It is 150 km away from the capital of Muscat, and rises about 2000 meters above the sea level. Accessing the village requires the use of SUVs, where the road passes by number of wadis to reach the village.

Wakan has a moderate and warm weather in summer and is cool in winter. There is a spread of agricultural terraces in the village, and many fruit trees could be found such as- pomegranate, grapes, apricots and others.

The village has some services and facilities that are located in its entrance. The Ministry of Tourism has constructed a corridor that is 1 km-long. It is consisted of 750 stairs ascending to the top. It is surrounded by a protective fence, and has many services like- stop stations for viewers. These stations are in a form of towers, umbrellas, and sitting areas. Also, there is a center for resting and provides an overlook to the village and the agricultural terraces for visitors.

The falaj which flows from the top of the village towards the agricultural terraces passes next to the stairs of the corridor. It is worth mentioning that, natural components were used to build this corridor. Additionally, there is a path in the mountain which is linking Wakan village to the Green Mountain (Jabal Akhdar) in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate for those who enjoy hiking.